What do I do after a water/fire damage?

Call us, let us walk you thru the insurance process. We can get the right personnel to your home or business to help with your loss. The key is quick response to reduce the damage and loss.

How can I tell if my roof has hail or wind damage?

Call us. We will come to you and do a free roof inspection to help identify if you need to file an insurance claim. Our experts have over 50 years of roofing experience.

Are national companies better than local companies?

CRS is locally owned and operated. We are customer focused and raleigh on our reputation and expertise to help our customers to get back to a pre-loss condition ASAP. We work hard everyday to earn your truct. You will see us at school, sporting events and church. 

With an insurance claim, what will I pay out of pocket?

You will owe your deductible. However, if you decide to upgrade during the rebuild/roofing process, you will owe this expense as well as your deductible. Call us and let us help walk you through the no pressure claims process.

Do you provide emergency services or after hours temporary services?

Absolutely! CRS is a 24/7 full service restoration company. We can help secure your property in the event of a catastrophe – fire, tornado, wind, water damage, and vehicle impact. We also provide tarping in the case of roof damage.

When do I need a new roof?

The age of your roof will deterime when you might need a new roof. Shingles which are buckling or curling are a definite sign for a repair or replacement. A windstorm can cuase the shignels to lift or be blown off. Hail storms can cause damage to the structural integrity of the shingle. If you notice brown spots on your ceiling, you could have damage to you roof. Call us, we can do a roof inspection for free. We also offer a free estimate!

What does full service restoration mean and why is it important?

CRS is the only restoration company in Arkansas to provide commercial and residential restoration. CRS can repair commercial metal buildings, clean contents, store contents, provide residential repairs, as well as roofing and gutter. CRS is truly your one stop shop!

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