What is essential for our life, can create a devastating disaster in a matter of minutes.
Water is a key ingredient for the microbial growth. Having the proper moisture meters, thermal imaging to identify where water is within walls and other spaces reduces demolition time.
Having the certifications and knowing how to remediate these issues helps reduce costs for the homeowner and insurance companies by providing quicker and more efficient remediation estimation process.
All of our Mitigation Technicians are IICRC Certified
Fire is always devastating. These are complicated restoration projects. They are always physical as well as the emotional restorations.
Addressing issues other than the "things that burned". We look at what caused the fire and what materials burned. This often dictates how the clean up begins.
Every fire is different, the clean up is just as unique. Contents and structure can be damaged by the fire, soot, water, foam, fire extinguisher, dust, and the odor.
Each item must be restored on case by case basis. It is also important to know and utilize specialists in fields such as art work, antique furniture, textiles, etc..
We have the expertise with personnel that come from all backgrounds including museum art handling, restorations and preparations to odor control and Restoration management.

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